What’s in Your Kitchen?

jar-seasonings, What’s in Your Kitchen?

Did you know that your kitchen cupboards are chock-full of good stuff that works as natural remedies for many common ailments?

What we eat has a huge impact on our health, and this has never been more apparent than in today’s world. We know that some foods are good and that others don’t nourish our bodies as well.

Chinese medicine experts, Yuan Wang and Warren Sheir and writer Mika Ono co-author the book Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life.  They share research about some items that you probably have lying around your kitchen that might help keep you healthy.

    • Fresh ginger. Ginger can be used to aid digestion and help when your stomach is upset. It may also help fight off some types of the common cold.


    • Garlic. Research shows garlic has antibacterial and immunity-enhancing properties, not to mention being a tasty addition to cooking.


    • Mushrooms. The long history of this vegetable includes a reputation for enhancing immunity and is being investigated for potential anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.


    • Green tea. Laboratory studies suggest green tea may help slow certain cancers. Tea may also aid in weight loss, lower blood cholesterol, inhibit the absorption of fatty foods and protect your skin from the damaging sun though data hasn’t been conclusive on the subject.


    • Walnuts. Not only do they provide you with valuable Omega-3s, but also walnuts are being studied for their role in reducing the damage caused by unhealthy fats and ability to counteract Alzheimer’s disease.


    • Peppermint. This refreshing herb may address indigestion, gas and bloating. Its cooling properties suggest it relaxes the involuntary muscles in your digestive tract.


  • Cinnamon. It’s not just used in sweet desserts! Some studies have shown that cinnamon can help control blood sugar and may have antibacterial properties.

Foods can be used to proactively protect our bodies and minds. When you combine a healthy diet with chiropractic care that checks your nervous system function, you’ll be equipping your body to work as it was designed to. Let us help you start your journey toward living a full, rich life.

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