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Problems With Your Spine

That one sounds obvious, doesn’t it. If I were to do a survey and ask people what they thought chiropractic care focused on, almost 100% of participants would say headaches, neck and back problems. That would be true and that is because the central nervous system is made up of the brain and the spine and it’s where the brain talks to your body.

Inherent or Organic Issues

Would you believe that several patients who call our practice come in to be treated for issues that have nothing to do with the back? It’s true. Some consult our practice for “non-back” health problems. If the patient has has dislocated any body part, they have discovered that chiropractic care can extremely  helpful. We also have extensive experience treating patients, infant to adult with asthma, colic, bed-wetting, heartburn, indigestion and a whole host of other issues.

Our Treatment Is Natural Health Care That Is Also Drug Free

If you hate drugs and don’t want to have surgery or simply want to try another alternative, Chiropractic care is not only safe, but it is one of the best alternatives to health care. At Jones Family Chiropractic we believe in a natural approach to improving your health.

Maintaining and Preventative Care

If you have ever experienced chiropractic care anywhere else, we don’t have to tell you how invaluable  ongoing chiropractic care can be. We’d love the opportunity to be your Doctor.

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