The most popular vision of chiropractic care to the general public is that of an experienced doctor re-aligning an adult patient’s spine. Although this vision is certainly accurate, the benefits of chiropractic care are hardly relegated to adults alone; infants and children can benefit tremendously from it for certain ailments – such as, for example, colic.

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Lacking the ability to speak, newborns cry, indicating that something isn’t right.

The Semi-Common Problem of Colic

Up to 20% of all babies born in the United States can experience colic, which refers to relentless episodes of crying in an infant. This crying is often described as “comfortless”; no matter what the parent does, she cannot get the child to stop crying. Accompanying the piercing cries is a general tension in the baby’s body – including clenched fingers and flexed abdominal muscles.

Chiropractic and Colic – Success Rates

It has been shown that chiropractic care has proven successful in assuaging babies who display signs of colic; suggesting that the underlying root cause of colic is spinal misalignment – at least, in some cases. The key is restoring the function of the central nervous system; oftentimes, this can only happen once the spin is re-aligned. The head and neck pain experienced by your baby may be directly related to this, leading t the ceaseless crying and discomfort.

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In a South African study conducted by Mercer and Cook, colic that resulted from issues in the upper cervical spine was treated by gentle chiropractic care in the afflicted infants. There was a 93% success rate in resolving the problems. In another Danish study, doctors reported a 94% rate of success in treating colicky infants.

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