Meet Dr. Spencer Jones

From Athlete to Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Jones, billings-chiropractor-dr-spencer-jones-dc
Dr. Spencer Jones

Dr. Jones’ first introduction to chiropractic was when he was in high school. He got injured playing football and lost the strength in his right leg. Nobody knew what to do about the injury, so his dad took him to see a chiropractor in town. “He was able to get me straightened out and back on my feet so I could play sports again.”

Relief from Reflux

Dr. Jones’ exposure to chiropractic expanded when two of his children began suffering from acid reflux disease. Their pediatrician prescribed medication after medication, but they still experienced vomiting 3 to 4 times a week. During a lecture, Dr. Jones heard that chiropractic could help with heartburn and acid reflux. So he took his kids to see a chiropractor as he was a student at the time. Within a month, they were completely off their medications and were no longer vomiting. For Dr. Jones and his wife, it was an incredible experience to see the positive effects of chiropractic.

Fulfillment from Helping Others

Dr. Jones enjoys interacting with his patients and helping those who weren’t able to get help prior to seeing him. A graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Jones enjoys applying the principles that he learned while a student.
Dr. Jones recalls an older gentleman he cared for that was going to have dual knee replacements. He couldn’t walk up the stairs, exercise or do anything very physical. “One day, after treating him for about three weeks, he came in with the biggest smile on his face. He told me he was able to run up the stairs without even thinking about it.” The gentleman was able to postpone the knee surgery and go back to exercising. “I had a lot of experiences like that where I could see the power of what you can do.”

Outside the Office

Meet Dr. Jones, dr-jones-and-wife-missyDr. Jones loves the fact that chiropractic allows him to spend precious time with his family. He enjoys off-roading, building with metal, and playing basketball and football.

Jones Family Chiropractic also participates in charities such as Toys for Tots and the Billings Food Bank. The office holds multiple food drives each year. Last year, they started their own “Feed a Family” program for Thanksgiving. This past Thanksgiving, they were able to feed seven families with complete Thanksgiving dinners.

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