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At Jones Family we firmly believe that you are never to young to start chiropractic care! At our office, we see a numerous children and infants for a multitude of health issues and we don’t rest until we have them feeling better, smiling and enjoying their childhood.

Your Child’s First Visit

Billings Pediatric Chiropractor | Pediatric Chiropractor Billings MT

You can fill out the necessary paperwork at home and bring it in with you, or you can complete it in the office. For a child’s visit, the paperwork is easier and shorter. First we will meet with you and your child for a consultation. We’ll talk about how long your child has had the issue and what aspects of his or her life it affects.

Initially, we’ll spend more time talking about adjustment styles and techniques so that you and your child are comfortable with what’s going to take place. Any required tests will be explained and run on your child. Once we’ve completed them, and you and your child agree to care we will perform an adjustment.

Caring for pediatric patients usually takes less time for testing and more time in education. We are pleased that other patients refer most of our patients to us.

Our Gentle Approach to Care

How we approach chiropractic care for children is to focus more on the parents that the kiddos. We know that parents often times have fears connected with going to other chiropractors that were overly assertive with them. So understandably, parents may have anxiety about what that next chiropractic encounter will be like for their little ones. Let us assure you that, at Jones Family Chiropractic, we provide kids with compassionate, gentle care.

Here’s what you can expect during a visit with your children:

  • Lots of Communication: We will spend time during those first few visits talking to you and your child about the difference between chiropractic for adults and children.
  • A Gentle Adjustment: Kids don’t have the long history of chronic pains, so the adjustment style is very different. It’s very gentle to allow the movement necessary to allow kids to improve. We will take time and do something just very gentle in an area that’s not scary to them. This area could be the hip or mid-back area. We will then move on as they feel comfortable with being adjusted.
  • Reassurance from Dr. Jones: The biggest concern with parents is they’re nervous about what’s going to take place in terms of the adjustment for their kids. If a child is very nervous, we will help them by having them watch another family member get adjusted. “Usually after watching they become pretty excited to get on the table and get adjusted,” says Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones is always touched when he sees kids start to feel better, and their personalities change positively!

Find out how your child could benefit from safe and gentle chiropractic care. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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