Vertigo refers to a marked loss of balance and instability; usually, it occurs when you are staring down from a considerable height. The causes can be varied, and are commonly associated with the vestibular nerve in the inner part of your ear. The dizzy spells caused by vertigo can become unmanageable in more serious cases, necessitating a visit to a healthcare professional.

Chiropractor for Vertigo?

Chiropractor is quite viable for cases of vertigo related to the upper cervical region, as well as the fore-mentioned vestibular nerves. For the latter, disease can render this nerve either inoperable, or severely compromised. The brain sends signals to the vestibular nerve to help you balance yourself in many different environments. You can sustain damage to it through accidents such as falls, whiplash and other injuries.

Although the nerve governs your balance and posture, damage to it can also lead to cluster headaches and persistent migraines. Conventional medication addresses only the symptoms of vertigo; sometimes to deleterious effect. People who require tranquilizers to block the negative effects of vertigo sometimes develop addictions; all for drugs that merely mask the severity of your condition.

Your chiropractor, on the other hand, targets the root cause and attempts to restore your spinal column to the appropriate position. This then allows your central nervous system to stop diverting resources to the previous imbalance, creating an environment that is favorable to healing naturally. The nerves of the body are connected, so by relieving the pressure on the ones closest to your spine, the rest of your body will feel the positive effects of the restoration.

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