Slipped Disc

Also known as a herniated disc, a slipped disc is a very common occurrence affecting more than three million Americans each year.

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The most serious disc problem is a prolapsed disc in which the soft center ruptures and leaks.

Although it can be symptom-less, a slipped disc can also be quite painful when it is severe enough to depress surrounding nerves. It occurs when one of the discs that make up your vertebrae is displaced from the spinal column through impact injury, disease or repetitive motion, and can sometimes result in numbness in your lower extremities.

How Can Chiropractic Help Slipped Discs?

Slipped discs do not always need treatment – especially when there’s no pain or numbness associated with them. In fact, in some cases, after a time the body simply reabsorbs the disc without medical intervention. However, in cases where the pain and discomfort are significant or debilitating, a conservative rehabilitative method such as chiropractic has proven to be very affective in restoring spinal and nerve order.

The aim of a chiropractor is to alleviate or remove the pressure of the vertebrae on the slipped disc so that the normal shape can restore itself. Chiropractic professionals can also reposition the spine and release the pressure caused by the herniated disc.

If you are experienced the discomfort associated with a slipped disc, and would rather avoid the invasive methods of surgery, or the merely palliative effects of pain medication – which doesn’t solve the underlying problem – then a chiropractor may be your best bet. Chiropractic treatment doesn’t rely on chemicals, and relieves the symptoms associated with slipped discs almost immediately so the body can heal, without the need for surgical intervention.

Chiropractic First

Chiropractic has been a natural solution helping people with a variety of disc problems.

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