Pinched Nerve

The nerves in your body transmit sensation to the various parts of your body, and pain in a particular region lets you know that something is amiss. Specifically, pinched nerves manifest themselves when the neuromusculoskeletal system is under inordinate stress, or inflamed, in a region.

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Like an open window, nerve openings along your spine must be clear and unobstructed.

Chiropractic is often the solution of choice in such cases, because it seeks to correct the source of the pain, instead of just the secondary location from which this pain radiates.

How Cervical Vertebrae Induce Pinched Nerves

The reasons that pinched nerves occur in the cervical vertebrae are varied; you can injure your spin during physical activities, illnesses that induce inflammation in that region, cancerous tumors and others. The neck region is relatively weak when compared to other parts of the spine and back, because it has to allow rotation of your head and cannot be as rigid as the other areas.

Additionally, the nerves associated with the cervical region radiate outward into your legs, shoulders and arms, which mean that a significant enough misalignment will result in pinched nerves; as a result, the effect may be felt in multiple extremities.

As for why the pain of pinched nerves is so persistent, it involves your body’s attempts to correct the issue. When your spin is not in alignment, the muscles in that region are trying to restore the natural curve of your spine – but they are not having much success. This is where the techniques of chiropractic come in; with completely proven and safe remedies, your chiropractor will assess the exact nature of your pinched nerves and realign the vertebrae of the appropriate region to restore optimal function.

Because chiropractic addresses the integrity of your nervous system, it’s a natural solution to many health problems. Give us a call.

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